Thursday, 7 February 2013

My first EVER post!

Hello, people! OMG this is my first blog and I'm VERY excited! I love writing about my life and I also love fashion, interior and beauty! I am also very young......yep, I think you've realized by my informal kind of English. Anyways, I'm on Polyvore so you can find out more about my fashion senses and what I like. so this is the link to my page:

Yes, my name is Grace, no my second name is NOT Eliza, that is also my first name. I've got a really long name...yeah, like six names :/. My age to the world is a mysterious and dark secret. Shh!

I haven't really got much to say since I'm burning with passion and love for fashion!! I really hope you'll follow me on Polyvore, I haven't really got much followers and I'll be really delighted I you did!

Bye! xoxo

Grace Eliza